Managing the return outdoors

What are the precautions to take for a successful return to the ride?


You should already avoid going out alone, but always trying to respect the distances imposed by the health situation. Before going out, there can be a reeducation part in hand to do with exercises, maneuverability, rework the mount… we must recheck that the horse has not lost everything during these two months. It also allows you to see if the horse is not too tight. If indeed we feel it a little tense, we can go on a ride in hand at the beginning and make a front lanyard.

You should wear an helmet and an Airbag Jacket.

And in terms of physical condition?


The problem is that you lose cardio fairly quickly but you don't find it as quickly. At the start you have to go cool and avoid overly violent efforts, such as steep climbs. You have to wait a short week by going out regularly on rides of around 1h to 1h30, depending on the physical condition of the horse. Because some were put on the grass and became fat while others were more fit. For those who are a little fat, you will have to be even more attentive to the effort, so that it is not too strong. For example, if you have a steep climb with a big drop it can cause a tetanization muscle or a blood stroke for example. It is also imperative that horses drink.


What typical session can we offer riders outdoors?


We must not forget the different phases: warm-up, work and recovery where we will do a slow and calm job. By way of warm-up, we can work, depending on the level of the horse and the rider, on lateral flexibilities on the paths, transfer, or shoulder inside, for example, work on the back, etc. During the work phase we will be able to do a bit of trotting, but always gradually. We are not going to do an hour of trotting after the second or third outing. We will rather stay on slices of 10 / 15min of trotting, always paying attention to the gradient. Then we have a quiet recovery phase with long reins, where we can for example make a neck extension to relax the horse and build muscle in the right direction. Progress is the watchword.

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